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What is an example of a "Text Resource" that would be added?

2/11/2021 08:12 PM

Hi Kate,

Text resources are Localized Content , which are used throughout your site to display static text, such as menu text, tooltips, etc. You can see a list of all localized content in Control Panel > System > Localized Content.

One text resource you could add in a rich text widget is "Where would you like to write your blog post?" (the resource key is BlogCreateChoiceText). This resource is displayed when you click Create > Blog.

In a rich text widget, the resource would appear as {{Resource.BlogCreateChoiceText}}.

And on the page, "Where would you like to write your blog post?" would appear.

If I changed the wording of the question in the Control Panel, the text would update automatically everywhere. I wouldn't have to edit the widget. This is useful if you have specific text you want to use in multiple places. You can create your own text resources in Control Panel > System > Localized Content.


2/11/2021 08:42 PM


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