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Just to confirm, is this only available for on-prem version of Communifire, not cloud hosted?


10/25/2018 12:29 AM

This is only available for on-premise versions of Communifire.

10/25/2018 02:19 AM

When we initially set up Communifire with a third-party SSO (QuickLaunch), it was not possible for Communifire to import a user's attributes other than username and password; is that still the case, or is it now possible to import other attributes?

4/29/2021 07:00 PM

Hi Aaron,

If QuickLaunch can send attribute values on login, the attributes can be imported into Communifire. Please have your team configure the attributes in QuickLaunch.

Then in Communifire:

  1. Go to Control Panel > System > Single Sign On > Data Mapping.
  2. Select SAML in the Type menu.
  3. In the "Property name" column, enter the attribute names. These would be the same names you used in QuickLaunch. In QuickLaunch, they might be labelled as outgoing claim values or something similar.
  4. Then in the "Field" column, select the profile fields for each attribute. Once you add all the mappings, click Update to save changes.

If your team needs help adding the mappings, we can set up a call to walk you through it.


4/29/2021 08:12 PM


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