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Posted in: Suggestions and Feedback

Email notifications on recognition badge replies

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  • mdrain

    It appears that when there are replies to recognition badge awards (e.g., the awardee thanking the person who awarded the badge), the person awarding the badge does not get an email notification.

    Please consider enabling email notifications for recognition badge replies so that (a) the person who submitted the recognition receives all replies and (b) all users who reply receive email notifications (e.g., in cases where the awardee's manager replies).

    Thanks for your consideration.


  • gskamau

    Hi Maxwell,

    Thanks for the suggestions. The first case should already send an email notification. If person A awards a badge to person B and anyone comments on the activity, person A will receive the Communifire.Wall.NewComment.Notification email. Is this not happening on your site?


  • mdrain

    Today, a user reported that this was the case: She awarded a badge to person B, who replied, but she did not receive a notification. I confirmed that the award and the reply were logged at /recognition.

    I just checked: Her preferences are set to receive email notifications, and our Communifire.Wall.NewComment.Notification template is active.

    Let me know if you would like me to submit a case.

  • gskamau

    Hi Maxwell,

    Please open a case here and include a link to the recognition activity.


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