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Posted in: Suggestions and Feedback

Suggestion: Change published wiki page to draft

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  • mdrain

    To consider: If would be helpful to be able to switch a published wiki page to unpublished or draft status to make edits and then publish again when ready.

  • isha

    Hi Maxwell,

    Thank you for providing such a nice suggestion. We will take it into consideration as we implement new features into Communifire.




  • SteurerB

    Hello! Has this been implemented as it would be so helpful for my team. Could we also keep the analytics of previous viewers?

  • gskamau

    Hi Brooke,

    This functionality hasn't been added. As an alternative, you can copy the wiki you want to work on and paste it into a new wiki draft to work on until the changes are ready. Then copy and paste the wiki draft into the published wiki.

    You can follow the New Enhancements page or subscribe to the Monthly Review Email to be notified when we add new features and enhancements to Communifire.

    Could you clarify what you mean by keep the analytics of previous viewers?


  • hello! What we are trying to do is more of an archive. We have an info hub wiki that we would like to keep all the attachments and comments and page views but download them to out computer so we can then eliminate the page because we made a better one.


    Unsure if that makes sense. Thank you!

  • gskamau

    Hi Brooke,

    There isn't an exact way to do this.

    One option is to expire the wiki pages. This will add a note at the top of the wiki pages that the content is expired. The wiki pages would remain visible and people could continue to comment on them, however. Please take a look at Content Expiration for more information.

    Another option is to Copy Space and its content. This will copy wiki attachments and comments, but not any page views. Note that this option will also copy all the other content in the space. After copying the space, you'll most likely want to remove users from the copy and deactivate the space in the Control Panel. See Approve or Decline Space .


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