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Posted in: Suggestions and Feedback

Enforced Search Order (Search Weights)

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  • lbabuder

    So I know the "Search" function is sometimes a "little wonky" (often fixed by a re-index) and that's fine.

    However we've found need to "enforce" a search order, as our members are often looking at documentation and search results of things that are not actually that applicable but have similar names, tags, etc.

    Now obviously just "throwing a number at it" isn't the greatest solution, but I would recommend is something called "Search Weight".

    This can be an integer, the higher the "weight" the more likely this item shows up first in a search result.

    To expand upon this and why it would be useful to use (and probably others) which is why this is a post case and not a private case is as follows.

    We use the Wiki for documentation, but we also have some documentation in PDF files across a few different spaces, the way we utilize Communifire is that most people are members of most spaces.

    Our industry is recruiting, lets say we have a specific training PDF File that is about "Candidate Interviews" but also have a quick tip news article in a space that is also about "Candidate Interviews".

    When a search happens for 'Candidate Interviews' we actually want that PDF file to show up first because it's training related, the tip is useful, but we want workflows to take priority (as our most common internal support requests usually are related to work flows).

    So we give, say a 300 weight to the file, but just leave the article as default, the File ends up as the first result.

    Anything that matches weights can stick to the same search handling as already exists.

    So say there's 30 items with a 20 weight, well, they'll all still work "like it does now" (without the weight system) but anything with 0 weight (default) would be below them.

    Negative values should be allowed too, as you may want to enforce something be at the "bottom" of a search result too (useful, but entirely unnecessary to be a first view search item.)

  • Foster

    Hi Lane,

    Can you clarify what you mean by "A little wonky"? What type of actions are being taken before you need to reindex? There may be something that we can address to help solve the issue. 


  • lbabuder

    Sorry for a very long delay before response, my day to day has been, well, pretty busy lately.

    Basically without enforcing a regular re-index, things end up in improper orders based on a number of functions.

    Essentially to test this, DON'T reindex for a few months and see how accurate your searches end up being as well as if things fit in an order that "makes sense"

    I've had things be out of date order, even displaying WRONG dates of publication or update within the search and when going into the item it's correct, improper time stamps, all kinds of oddities (re-indexing fixes all of this.)

  • Foster

    Hi Lane,

    It does sound like you are having some issues with search and re-indexing. We would like you update your site to help address this issue. 

    You can check out our New Enhancements page to see what benefits this update will bring in addition to resolving this issue with your search. 

    We will let you know as soon as your site has been updated, and you can let us know if this is still something you are experiencing. 

    Thank you,

  • lbabuder

    It will take some time before I can confirm this, based on the nature of the issue. But I will monitor it.

  • Foster

    Hi Lane,

    Your site has been updated to the latest version. Please let us know if this search issue begins occurring again. 


  • lbabuder

    I have yet to see the issue re-arise, however I have found another unrelated issue happening (will issue a new ticket).

    You may close this for now, if I find the issue arising again I will reply to open this back up again.

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