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Posted in: Suggestions and Feedback

Weekly Email Digest - missing image icon for every story that doesn't have a photo

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  • simone.gordon


    We recently upgraded to the latest version of Communifire. Post upgrade, we've noticed that if a article/ event/etc. don't have an image included in the article/etc. then the weekly digest email shows a missing image icon. It honestly looks broken. 

    This didn't happen pre-upgrade. If there was no image, then there was no image in the weekly email digest. It looked great. 

    Not everything lends itself to having an image associated with it. For instance, we have a shared department calendar on which we put things like the team's PTO and who is on call when, etc. We don't necessarily need a photo associated with that update. Sure enough, every week, the weekly digest comes out and broken image icon after broken image icon shows up. 

    We've reached out previously and been told that this is intended behavior. But this doesn't really make sense. 

    If it could go back to just showing images when images were present, that would be awesome.


  • mtrujillo

    Hey Simone,

    Does the image show in the email if the user is logged into Communifire? 

  • simone.gordon


    I'm not sure I understand the question. 

    We are seeing the "broken image" icon in the email that most people recieve in Outlook. 

    Whether or not we are logged into Communifire doesn't seem to affect the email... from what I can tell...

  • mtrujillo

    Hey Simone,

    A Communifire placeholder image appears when the content doesn't have a featured image. A broken image icon appears if the image isn't accessible by your browser. Can you please post a screenshot of this section of the email, it will help clarify the issue for us.

  • simone.gordon


    These are great examples of things that don't naturally have images (on-call on the team calendar).


  • gskamau

    Hey Simone,

    We hope to address this issue in a version soon. Please follow our New Enhancements wiki for updates. Since you are on-premise, you can replace the placeholder image at /assets/Themes/default/images/photo-first.gif as a workaround.


  • gskamau

    Hey Simone,

    You can now hide the featured image placeholder in the weekly digest. Go to Control Panel > System > System Properties and edit the WeeklyDigestContentListTemplate property. Add {{CONTENT_IMAGE_CLASS}} to the style list of the div surrounding {{CONTENT_IMAGE}}, as shown in the image below.


  • eboone


    Does this make the featured image hidden on all items in the email?
    What would we have to do to get this feature on our self hosted version?

  • gskamau

    Hey Eric,

    This will only hide the featured image in the weekly digest email if the content doesn't have a featured image. If you want to hide the featured image for all items, remove {{CONTENT_IMAGE}} from the WeeklyDigestContentListTemplate system property.

    Please submit a private case here to request a site update.


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