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Posted in: Report Bugs and Issues

Issues Viewing & Rendering Photo(s)

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  • Hi,

    We are currently experiencing two issues with photos. 

    The first is when you add a new photo, the "all photos in an album" view renders weird. See screen shot below... the Caregivers Logo (first photo) gets replicated in the heffTech_logo image below it in the grid. 

    The second issue is that users with the role of members are having issues viewing two of these photos: The caregivers logo and the HIB Aviation logo. When they click to view it, it gives an "Application Error" page (pasted below). Users with the role of site admin can view it with no problem though so we are thinking it may be a permissions issue? Not sure. Could you please advise. We also tried restarting our site.





  • Hi Stacie,

    1- This issue seems to be happening because the thumbnail dimensions were changed in Control Panel > Content > Photos > Photo Settings. I added the following code in Control Panel > System > CSS Overrides to fix it.

    /*Set dimensions on album page*/
    .axero-photo-grid .thumbnail > a img {
        max-width: 100%!important;
        max-height: 150px!important;
        width: auto; 
        height: auto;

    2- Could you try rebuilding the index in Control Panel > System > Advanced System Utilities? Content will disappear from Page Builder pages while the index is rebuilding, so we recommend doing this during non-business hours. After the index finishes rebuilding, can the users view the photo?


  • Hi Grace,

    Thanks for fixing the CSS. 

    Rebuilding the search indexing did not solve the issue. Users with the role of member still cannot open those two photos. 




  • Hi Stacie,

    Could your team provide a backup of the database? Please zip up the backup, open a private case, and attach the backup.


  • All set up in a private case for you. Thanks Grace.



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