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Space Permissions & Design Customizations

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  • Hi Grace,

    Yes - You can make the change. 

    Also - Can you point me in the right direction - on the National Board page - in the Space Setting it says "Top Community". This is a private page that we don't want connected to the Top Community. How can I address this?

    In addition, on the Executive Team page - in the People menu - Grace and Mary Durden is showing up. I went in to delete them (because they are not a part of the ET) but they are not showing up in the menu to delete. ??  

  • Hi Bernadette,

    1- I updated the page. Is the widget small enough now?

    2- In Manage Space > Space Settings > Parent space, "Top level community" just means the space isn't a sub space of another space. All spaces that aren't sub spaces will have "Top level community" selected here.

    The National Board of Directors space is private, so non-space-members won't be able to view it.

    3- Please go to Control Panel > System > Advanced System Utilities and click rebuild index. Content will disappear from Page Builder pages while the index is rebuilding, so we recommend doing this during non-business hours. After the index finishes rebuilding, are the users removed from the Executive Team people page?


  • Thank you. 

    Yes - users were removed.

    Question - Can file videos live in "Files" forever?

  • Hi Bernadette,

    You're welcome!

    Yes, they can.


  • Is there a way to sort blogs/articles to have the most recent on top?

  • Hi Bernadette,

    Which page do you want to sort blogs/articles by most recent? Could you share the URL?


  • /spaces/9/executive-team/Executive Team

    /spaces/10/national-board-of-directors/National Board of Directors HOME

    /spaces/11/human-resources/Human Resources

  • Hi Bernadette,

    Edit the widgets and set the sort as Most Recent, Desc. This will display most recent content at the top.


  • Yes - but it does not work.

    The one that I want on top - Action Needed - is still not sorting to the top. 

  • Hi Bernadette,

    I see that the "Action Needed" blog is now at the top of the content list widget on the Executive Team homepage. Is this working correctly for you now?


  • Hi Grace  - No it didn't. I created a "new" blog so that it would be on top and deleted the other one.

  • Grace - if a page is "public", why are staff being asked to "join" the space? 

  • Disregard the recent question. Thanks


  • Hi Bernadette,

    For your reference, you can "push" an existing article/blog to the top of a content list widget by setting a publication date. Content has a creation date and publication date. The creation date is the moment you save the content and it can't be changed. The publication date is the date you select; if you don't select a date, the publication date is the same as the creation date. The publication date can be changed anytime.


  • (1) I changed the Daily Digest to "0" in the control panel. Will this change impact the entire intranet? 

    (2) Permissions are set to "guest" for the Executive Team page which is public.  How do I control "requests" to join a space as a member? For example, we had staff who were able to "join" the Executive Team page and showed up in the Executive team under "People". When I go to People, her name does not appear - Bronwyn Clarke.    

    I will also need to manage this for all Board pages.

    (3) Also, I would like to add additional contact fields to the Executive Team user profile page. If I make this change, will it change for all spaces? 



  • Hi Bernadette,

    1- Yes, daily digests will be disabled for all users.

    2- You can make space membership moderated, and people who request to join the space will need to be approved. To do this, go to Manage Space > Space Settings and set Moderated to Yes.

    3- You can add fields to the Edit Profile page and allow only certain people to view the fields. This will allow you to restrict who can fill out the field. To do this, you'll first need to have top level roles created in Control Panel > People > Roles, and to assign the top level roles to people in Control Panel > People > Manage People. Please refer to Add User Role and Set User Role .

    Then Add User Profile Field as you normally do, but when you add the field on the Edit Profile page, click the Roles tab and check the roles that are allowed to edit the field.


  • So for #2 - it was set on "moderated". Is there a way to prevent staff from "requesting" to join the page ---as opposed to declining them once they ask?

  • Hi Bernadette,

    Which spaces do you want to prevent people from requesting to join? We can provide CSS overrides to hide the join links in those specific spaces.


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