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Posted in: Report Bugs and Issues

custom admin roles not showing portions of the community for which they have permissions

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  • Two questions:

    1. We are having an issue with custom-created admin roles where they are given permissions within a community, but then are not seeing all of the portions they have permissions for, either from viewing the actual community or from the drop-down menus on the back end of the system.

    2.  Is it possible to create custom roles within a community that would allow certain users to only see certain file folders in the file section?  Can the file section be partitioned for different users/groups?

    Thank you

  • Hi team,

    1. Could you share the name of a user and space this is happening for?

    2. Yes, you can set up roles and folder permissions to give different access to different groups of people. First create the roles in Manage Space: Roles . Then assign the roles to people in Manage Space > People. Refer to Manage Space: Set User Space Roles .

    Once the file folders are created, update the folder permissions in Manage Space > Permissions > Folder Permissions .

    Uncheck the View, View All, and View All Directory permissions for the roles you don't want see that folder. Check those permissions for the roles you want to see that folder.


  • The user is DaSyTestMember and it is happening in multiple spaces, but we are focusing on Test Community to work out the issues.

  • Hi team,

    I logged in as DaSyTestMember and I'm able to see Test Community in the spaces dropdown menu.

    I can also see the Manage Community link for that space.

    Is there a specific area the user can't see and should be able to?


  • Once inside the "Test Community" space, the custom role "DaSy Admin" has been granted permissions to view and set all community permissions -- in fact, they should operate very similar to the role "Administrator" except unable to create sub-communities and delete existing pages.

    When logged in as the MyDaSyTA user (role of administrator), I am able to view and select all the following from the drop-down in Permissions:

    But when I log in as DaSyTestMember (custom role DaSy Admin), I can only view the following in the Permissions drop-down:

    The DaSy Admin role is unable to view permissions for File, Page Builder, and Wall - despite them having specific permissions for these items:

    It appears that the DaSy admin custom role isn't able to access these areas to make adjustments from the Manage Space area.  

    Please let me know if you need the login credentials for the DaSyTestMember account and I will message you privately with this information.


  • Answered

    Hi team,

    Currently, only a user with the default space Administrator role can manage the permissions for those particular areas. I've asked our development team to update this functionality so custom roles can manage all permissions. We'll let you know when this is fixed.


  • Thanks!

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