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Posted in: Report Bugs and Issues

User info not showing completely in search

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  • Names are not showing up in the user profile search results.. how do I fix this?

    It does correctly take me to the profile -- but the search result is basically blank (see below).

  • Hi Sierra,

    This is currently being caused by the following code in your CSS overrides. Removing this code should cause the Author Name to be displayed again.

    /*Hide author in search results*/
    .axero-search-result-author {
        display: none;

    I hope this helps,

  • Oh.. is there any way to hide just the author in other places? We'd like to hide the author for articles etc but keep the user name in search results?

  • Hi Sierra, 

    It sounds like authors are fine in the search results so could you clarify where exactly in your intranet you'd like to hide authors? Thanks!

  • Answered

    The only place we'd like authors to appear is the user profile search results.

    We'd like to hide authors everywhere else, on articles on content lists, on search results (not user profile) etc. 


  • Hi Sierra,

    After some investigating, I was able to find a way to remove author mentions for articles and widgets! I also found a way to remove author avatars since it didn't make sense to keep those around: 

    /*Hide author info*/
    .p-user-info {display: none;}

    /*Hide user avatar*/
    .p-avatar {display: none;}


    Space homepage widget (Content List)

    Article page


    This line removes author names on the article page for spaces:

    /*Hide author on the space article page*/
    .tile-properties {display: none;}


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