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Posted in: Report Bugs and Issues

Calendar recurring meetings is not working correctly

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  • Hello - We realized we cannot edit existing recurring meetings, nor can we schedule new recurring meetings that register with the correct time and date once they are set.  It's easier to watch the attached video to understand, but essentially:

    • In Site Administrators Private Space (inside the International Foundation for AiArthritis Space), we couldn't edit the original calendar event time - originally scheduled the 1st Tuesday of each month.  See video for error messages.
    • Then we tried to set a new event, thinking it's an issue with being an older event. We tried to schedule a recurring every Tuesday the 5th at 7pm ET, 1st Tuesday of the month.  It saves and then shows up on the calendar on WEDNESDAY the 6th???  
    • I checked my time zone and the global time zone, they are both US Central time.
    • Then I went to the ACT II private group, tried this again, same issue. It saved for recurring on the wrong day.
    • Finally, I tried to do a single Calendar event in the International Foundation for AiArthritis Space, after trying a recurring one.  The recurring one did the same thing, wrong day (1 day late) BUT the one time event is fine.

    So it's a problem in all Spaces, only happening when we try to schedule a recurring event.



  • Here's another photo to go along with the video, sent from someone in Australia who accepted the invitation.  She has two time zones shown???



  • Answered

    Hi Tiffany,

    For the first point regarding updating an event, there's an issue with the Zoom meeting for that event that's preventing you from updating the event. In our upcoming service release, you'll be able to remove Zoom meetings from events, but currently, this isn't possible. You'll need to delete the original event and recreate it.

    The display issue for repeating events is due to a bug with the way recurring events are handled. Our development team has created a fix for this, and your site should receive the fix this weekend. We'll let you know when your site has been updated.

    Regarding the user who sees two time zones for an event - where is the screenshot they shared from? A Communifire email notification? Or it is a screenshot of Zoom?


  • Hi Grace -

    Ok, thank you for the information re: Zoom and the issue with repeating events. 

    It looks like the person who shared the screen shot took that from her Google Calendar, using the link provided to share and save in her personal calendar. It seems Google translated it for her to the correct time zone, but that odd one is the one showing for her on Communifire. I am guessing that too would be fixed when the bug is fixed this weekend.



  • Hi Tiffany,

    Your site was updated with the fix for recurring events. Is this working correctly for you now?


  • Answered

    Hi Grace-

    I just checked this and it appears it is fixed.  Thank you!  Tiffany

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