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Posted in: Report Bugs and Issues

Error in Event Tags

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  • than you!!!

  • HELP!!!

    i just added the location to one of the seminars and it send 2 additional meeting requests for the same meeting.  this is like the 10th time it was sent.


  • Hi Jack,

    Typically, an email notification is sent when an event's location or description is changed so that people are informed about changes to the event and can use the new ICS file. You can disable this email in Control Panel > System > Email Templates. Search for Communifire.Event.UpdateICS.Notification and edit it.

    Uncheck Active and save the template.

    Note that this is a global change and no emails will be sent when an event location or description changes.

    Emails for event time changes will continue to send if Communifire.Event.ChangeTime.Notification is enabled.


  • thanks but it is set off already!

  • Hi Jack,

    The email notification was most likely sent from Outlook, in that case. If you update the location of an existing Communifire event, Outlook will notify people that the event location has been updated.

    Were multiple notifications received in Outlook for the same action just now?

    Or did people get different types of notifications compared to when an event location is updated in Outlook?


  • Hi all.

    We tried creating a meeting in Outlook to avoid the multiple email reminders.  Then i went to edit this meeting to add the tags here:  https://embarkinsider.com/events/details/985

    the tags remain but for some reason it is not populating on our homepage that has an event content list referencing these tags (other events with these tags are working) https://embarkinsider.com/


  • Answered

    Hi Jack,

    The Outlook event was synced to My Calendar and lives in your personal calendar. Personal events can't be displayed in content list widgets.

    If you'd like this particular event to appear on the homepage, you can recreate it in a space.


  • thank you

    does this mean that I cannot add tags to an event created in Outlook? it must only be created in Communifire?

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