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Posted in: Report Bugs and Issues

Error in Event Tags

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  • I created an event here: https://embarkinsider.com/spaces/15/company-insider/events/details/722

    every time i change the tags (see screenshot below) about 1 hour later, it reverts to the original.  not sure why it keeps changing back.


    Raghav Khunger
    Raghav Khunger
    Hi Jack,

    Can you share what changed when you checked after one hour? The order of the tags or the tags itself were removed/modified/added?
    23 days ago
  • Hi Jack,

    We are checking the issue for you.



    Atul Ahuja
  • Hi Jack,

    Could you share more details about how this issue happens? 

    • When you first created the event, did you include tags?
    • Did you type the tags or select tags from popular tags or tag groups?
    • When you updated the tags, did you add tags to the existing ones, or did you remove all the existing tags and enter new tags?


  • thank you 


    Could you share more details about how this issue happens? 

    • When you first created the event, did you include tags?   yes
    • Did you type the tags or select tags from popular tags or tag groups?  Typed them
    • When you updated the tags, did you add tags to the existing ones, or did you remove all the existing tags and enter new tags?  i removed and replaced tags


    i think what may have happened is that every time my outlook synced with Communifire calendar it reverted to the original event from Outlook.


    ALSO... i just added a tag to this event https://embarkinsider.com/events/details/826  called "Virtualevents"  which i selected by clicking "+".

    However, on the homepage (bottom) the event is not populating on the event Content List.  does it matter that i didnt create the event in Communifire or that it was created by my colleague?  Does it matter that it is a recurring event?


    PS - any way to get an email when you respond?



  • Hi Jack,

    Thanks for the additional information. We're looking into the tags issue.

    It looks like the event which you tagged with "Virtualevents" is on a personal calendar. Is that correct? If so, it won't appear in a Content List widget. The Content List widget only displays events from spaces or the top level community.

    Regarding getting emails, do you have email notifications enabled here? https://my.axerosolutions.com/myaccount/preferences


  • thank you.  How do i change the event from "personal calendar" to "Top Level Communityi just checked and i see a pattern. if the event is created in Outlook and i go into Communifire to add in a tag it doesnt show up. if i start the event in my calendar on Communifire by "create event" then it then the tag works.

    1) does this mean i cannot start events in Outlook?

    2) does it mean if someone sends me an Outlook invite for an event from outside the company i cannot have it show up tagged on the intranet?

    3) AND... if i want to create an event on Communifire, is there an easy way to add a whole list of people outside the company and outside the Communifire community?  for example, if i want to paste a list from Excel of Outlook ?  do i separate them by comma or semi-colon?


    thank you!!

  • Hello again!  

    I did some further testing and sadly my hypothesis was not correct. i added several new events from Communifire (not outlook) and after about 1 hour they either disappeared from the home page content list or the tag on them literally disappeared.


    I created both these events with tag “virtualtraining” and they appeared on the homepage content list but now disappeared again!  These were created from Communifie.






    i also created this one and it appeared on my homepage events widget but that also disappeared after 1 hour. This one disappeared because the tag "viirtualtraining" disappeared.  But it was there!  https://embarkinsider.com/events/details/828

    See home page at https://embarkinsider.com/ 


  • IN ADDITION, i keep putting the room names on the 3 seminars that appear there and those disappear after about 1 hour as well.

  • Hi Jack,

    Thank you for sharing the details. I am looking into the issue for you.


    Atul Ahuja
  • Hi Jack,

    Outlook doesn't support syncing event locations that don't already exist in Outlook. This means that if you create an event in Communifire and type out the location or select a Communifire event resource, the location will be removed when your Outlook calendar is synced. This is a limitation of Outlook.

    To avoid this, select an Outlook event resource when creating the Communifire event. The event resource must have been used in an Outlook event that was synced to Communifire at some point in the past for the resource to appear in Communifire.

    We're investigating the issue with tags disappearing from events.


  • thank you. 


    1) How do i get the rooms /resources set up in outlook to populate here?

    2) What is best practice? 

    3) should i just stop the outlook Sync? 

    4) is that contributing to the disappearing tags?


  • Hi Jack,

    The rooms in the screenshot you shared are already in Communifire. You can see them here: https://embarkinsider.com/events/resources They were created in Communifire because they've been used in Outlook events synced to Communifire.

    If you'd like other rooms or locations to appear in Communifire, create them in Outlook, create a test event in Outlook that uses the resource, then open your Communifire calendar to sync Outlook. You can check whether the resource was created in Communifire on this page: https://embarkinsider.com/events/resources

    We're still investigating the disappearing tags issue.


  • thank you. I am confused though since these rooms that are in Outlook are the ones we choose that keep dissapearing. 

  • Hi Jack,

    Do other users have Outlook connected in Communifire? If so, do they also have access to use the rooms in Outlook?


  • Hi Jack,

    I see that the events with tags which you shared earlier currently have tags. Are tags still being removed from events? Particularly after you've visited My Calendar?


  • these are the only three that didnt dissapear. the one i copied (Qeridio) did. i dont know why. i created them all the same. 

    will create a few more and send shortly!

  • OK. so i just tested with 4 new events.  See below.  at 11:00pm all events showed the location "zoom". by 11:20pm they were all gone!  see both images.  how?

  • Hi Jack,

    Did you add Zoom meetings for those events using our Zoom integration?


  • No. i just pasted the link into the body and typed zoom in the location box


  • Hi Jack,

    This is because Outlook doesn't support syncing event locations that don't already exist in Outlook, as I mentioned earlier. If you type in "Zoom" in the location field in Communifire, the location remains blank in Outlook. Then when you sync your Outlook calendar, Communifire sees that the location is blank in Outlook, and will clear out the location.

    As a workaround, you can note the location in a place other than the location field. For example, add "(Zoom)" to the event title.

    Are you still experiencing issues with event tags?


  • thanks

    no new issues with event tags... yet... i am going to try and add the location IN outlook and see if it syncs.

  • actually, in Outlook it shows as "zoom" location. so why dissapearing"?

  • Hi Jack,

    It looks like Outlook may be keeping event locations originating in Communifire now. I've let our development team know about this, and they'll work on a fix for the location clearing when Outlook calendar is synced. We'll let you know when a fix is available. The fix will require a site update.


  • thank you!

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