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Posted in: Report Bugs and Issues

Members unable to log-in

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  • We are receiving a large amount of communication from our members that they are unable to log into our site.  Getting the error below.   Looks like this started on Saturday.   We did update members with some new roles on Friday so not sure if that is the cause.  When we look at profiles of members that can't access they are found.  Any idea how we can correct this?

  • Hi Gabriel,

    Were any changes made to the data mapping values in Control Panel > System > Single Sign On > Data Mapping?

    Could you share the names of some people who aren't able to login?


  • no changes were made to those areas. only change was to add roles. here are a few members effected I have at my fingertips but can send more if needed as the is is effected a large population of our members. user: 76886 user: 85531
  • Thanks Gabriel. Our team is investigating.

  • Hi Gabriel,

    For your SAML setup, email addresses aren't being populated from your SAML provider, is that correct? Could you let us know how user emails are being entered in Communifire?


  • correct emails are not being used. on some occasions employees are entering personal emails but if we do a bulk upload of members we just create a dummy entry.
  • Answered

    Hi Gabriel,

    We added a dummy mapping for email in Control Panel > System > Single Sign On > Data Mapping. Could you check if users are able to login now?


  • they were able to access but asked them to resubmit all profile information. we are planning on adding other roles to members and are doing so by bulk import with same user ID, name, last name. is this unrelated to this event? will we run into this issue again as we add more roles to existing members?
  • Hi Gabriel,

    Glad to hear login is working again! Adding roles to users with bulk import shouldn't cause any issues. As long as there is a mapping for email, you shouldn't face this login issue again.


  • Hello! We are still running into a few errors. Here are a few examples:

    Randy Rushton - RM - now has two profiles and was asked to resubmit his profile information. He also did not have access to his extra user-specific spaces

    Frazier Jeffrey - RM - same issue as above

    User: 761671 cannot login

    User: 025907 cannot login

    User: 736126 cannot login

    User: 076886 cannot login


  • Hi Brooke,

    Did Randy Rushton's and Frazier Jeffrey's usernames in your SAML provider change?

    What do the users see when they try to login? Do they see the same page as before?


  • Jeff Frazier said - "It asked me for my email, which said it was taken already and asked me to complete my profile again. I skipped past it and it seems to be fine now."

  • Randy said: "First, when I first experienced the issues with One Spot, it had me Log in, upon trying it stated Error Creating your Active Directory Account – Attached. I then reached out to Brooke, to see if she direct me in the right direction and she followed through for me until it was working again. It now looks normal – Attached"


    HOWEVER, he is seeing our OLD homepage


  • Hi Brooke,

    For a user who can't login and doesn't have their personal email address in Communifire, could you try changing their email address to <username>@temp.com. For example, for user 761671, you would change the email address to 761671@temp.com. You can edit their profile from Control Panel > People > Manage People > search for the user > click the gear icon > Edit profile.

    Are they able to login after you update their email address?

    We're looking into a solution for the other users as well as the duplicate accounts.


  • Hi Brooke,

    Did the users with duplicate accounts change their usernames? Either in Communifire or in your SAML provider?


  • They seem to be having an issue with a leading zero. our people's SAML will never change unless terminated. I am assuming these emails were changed by your team members to temp?


  • Hi Brooke,

    The @temp.com emails are automatically generated. Since email addresses aren't pulled in from your SAML provider, @temp.com is appended to the username and set as the email address. We're looking into a solution for the duplicate accounts.

    Were you able to change the email addresses of the people who can't login to <username>@temp.com?

    In addition, could you let us know what they see when they try logging in? Previously, we saw errors in the exception log for users who couldn't login, but we don't see any errors now.


  • Looks like we have had success with user 076886.


    waiting for more to confirm!



  • What's the update on the duplicate users? We are having some see our old homepage somehow. See photo below from Randy Rushton. Can you please help me understand how he can see this old page?

  • Hi Brooke,

    For the duplicate users, we can delete the newer account and have the users sign in again. We'd like to test this with one user first. Could you let us know which user we can do this with?

    Regarding the old homepage issue, the Home link in the header was linking to the "Historic Homepage" Page Builder page. I updated this for you in Control Panel > System > Page Builder > Header. The user should see your current homepage when they click the Home link now.


  • I notified Randy Rushton we'd use his account as a test since we've been in close contact!


    thank you!!

  • Thanks Brooke. I deleted the newer account for Randy Rushton. Could you have him try logging in again?


  • Hi Brooke,

    It looks like a new account was created again. I've deleted the new account as well as removed the SSO mapping for email which we had previously added, in Control Panel > System > Single Sign On > Data Mapping.

    Could you have him try logging in again?


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