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Posted in: Report Bugs and Issues

Views not working on some Wiki Pages

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  • We noticed that the Views is not click able to see the report on most of the wiki pages and for some of them it works. Is this a space setting or something as it is working for our Corporate space but not HR space for example. 


  • Hi Jyotjeev,

    Can you elaborate on which specific wiki's do not have this capability? I am able to click the eye to see the report on the Transformation and Development wiki as well as others in the Human Resources Space.


  • Below are couple of examples but hovering over does not show a CTA behaviour and clicking on that does not do naything. 


    And I am able to replicate on most of the wikis except the corporate space where it is working all the time. 

  • I've noticed this too. From my research, it appears that Site Admins cannot (can no longer?) access the reports unless they have elevated permissions within the space.

  • That is correct, I made my self a moderator to the space and the Views started working. Couple of questions: 

    1. If you are a site admin, do you still need to be a moderator or admin on each space?

    2. If there a permissions setting to enable the Views for a particular role


  • Hi Jyotjeev,

    Maxwell is correct, currently you need to be a member of the space and have the correct space permissions to be able to view the report. This is not as it should be, and I have brought this to the attention of our developers. We will let you know when this is fixed.

    In the meantime, it is best to make yourself a member of the space and set yourself to space admin to be able to properly view the reports.


  • I'm having a similar issue - we need to see who has viewed this page, and when I click on the eye icon with the number of views, I can not see anything. In the past, I have been able to.


  • Answered

    Hi  Anna Porter 

    You can view the report for this article by clicking on the Gear icon and then selecting View Report this will show you who has viewed this article and how many times they have viewed it along with many other details.

    To see the report you will either need to be the author of the content or the admin of the space. If you do not see the View Report option add yourself to the space and set your space role as Administrator

    Hope this helps!

  • Perfect - that's what I needed. I thought that as an overall site admin I would already have access as admin to each page, but that wasn't the case - thank you!

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