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Posted in: Report Bugs and Issues

User Verification Email Not Being Sent

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  • We have auto-approve set for users on our platform and according to the link: https://my.axerosolutions.com/spaces/77/communifire-support/forums/features-and-functionality/20241/welcome-email the "User Verification Email" isn't being sent, though. How do we make sure that email is sent?

  • Hi Omar,

    There was an issue with email settings on your site. We updated the settings, and emails should be sending now. Could you check if the user verification email is being sent now?


  • We just tried and we still aren't receiving an email. Which settings were modified? Was it the server or the username or password or some other setting?

  • Hi Omar and Bharat Bharkhada ,

    The email server password needed to be re-entered. Emails are currently sending successfully on your site, so settings don't need to be changed now.

    I tried registration on your site and received the verification email about 20-30 minutes later. Did you receive the email eventually?


  • Hi Grace,

    We've deleted an account and signed back up with the account using google authentication and we're still not receiving the email. Is there a way to log if emails are being sent?

  • Answered

    Hi Omar,

    If a user signs up with Google SSO, they are marked as verified, since an email account is used to sign up. They are not sent a verification email.

    Could you try signing up using the registration page? Do you receive the verification email then?


  • Grace, how can we ensure that a welcome email is sent to every user no matter how they register? We thought the email verification auto email would work, but since it doesn't get sent when a user signs on with an email, which email template can we use instead? 

  • Hi Omar,

    Since auto-approve is enabled, an automated email will not be sent to users who sign up with Google SSO. 

    If you disable auto-approve, users who sign up with Google SSO can receive the Communifire.MembershipRequestApproved.Notification email after their account is approved.

    If you want to keep auto-approve enabled, you can create your own welcome email template and send it manually. You can create the email template in Control Panel > System > Email Templates > Add Email Template .

    Then you can manually send the email to users in Control Panel > People > Manage People > Mass Email .


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