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Posted in: Report Bugs and Issues

Homepage Blank?

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  • Hi, 

    Is there anyway to restore a Space homepage? I just went on to one of my Space homepages and it is blank somehow. It says it was edited 18 days ago, but was definitely functional yesterday, please advise.

    Thank you, 


  • Just want to include  Jarret Cassaniti on this.

  • Hi Rebecca,

    We are looking into the issue.


  • Hi Rebecca Shore and Jarret Cassaniti ,

    The page is restored. Let us know if there are any other issues.


  • Any idea what happened here?

  • Also we're having the same problem with https://ccp.communifire.com/spaces/20/ba-guyana/Guyana

  • I am struggling with the page template function. I suspect that when I used the Breakthrough ACTION page as a template for the Guyana page, it may have deleted the Breakthrough ACTION page. 

    When you restored the Breakthrough ACTION page, is it possible that it deleted the Guyana page?

    Also, what does it mean to be a master page?


  • Answered

    Hi Rebecca,

    I don't see a non-blank version of the Guyana page in our backups, so we are unable to restore that page for you.


    A Master Page means the page can be used as a template for other pages. For example, if I create a homepage for a Human Resources space and mark it as a Master Page, when I go to create another page, such as a homepage for the Sales space, I can select the Human Resources page as the template. The Sales page will copy the layout and widgets exactly, and I won't be able to edit the Sales page directly. If I want to edit the Sales page, I must edit the Master Page, which is the Human Resources page. Or I can unlink the template page and make changes for the Sales page only.

    Breakthrough ACTION and Guyana are both Master Pages. They are not linked to one another at this moment. Selecting Breakthrough ACTION as the template for Guyana shouldn't erase Breakthrough ACTION. However, if you edit either page, uncheck "Available to use as template," and select a template for it, that would erase anything on the page, and replace it with the layouts and widgets of the selected template page.


  • Thnks Grace, I will give that a try soon. 


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