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Posted in: Report Bugs and Issues

USA/UK Dates

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  • Hi,

    Is there a way to make the communifire calendar display UK dates rather than USA? 

    My user account has the Date format to be set in the UK style DD/MM/YY but in the calendar on the heading for each day it displays with MM/DD. If theres no way to fix this would it be something you could maybe look at fixing in the future?



  • atulahuja

    Hello Jason,

    The setting can be changed by doing the following steps

    Login as a User

    Click on the Gear Icon (settings)

    Go to Preferences - Select desired Date format.

    However, at this time the feature is strangely not working. We have noted this as a bug and working to fix it. I will give you an update as soon as this is fixed. 



    Atul Ahuja
  • Yeah we did that and foudn it wasn't working. Ok if you can let me know when fixed thanks.

  • thecitysecret

    Hi this still seems to be an issue for us in Outlook & Thunderbird. Are you guys any closer to finding a fix?



  • BryceDJ

    Yes, sorry, we have developed a bit of a backlog with our development team on account of a big project they are just wrapping up.

    This is on their list however. The reality is that without being on support you're not put on the top of the list.

  • BryceDJ

    Jason: We've worked out the issue with date formats on the calendar and those will be available on your next upgrade.

    But how is this manifesting in Outlook & Thunderbird? Through the ICS file? 

  • thecitysecret

    Yes that's fixed the issue with the Outlook/Thunderbird putting the date forward 24hrs.

    When can we do this upgrade to get the fix for the USA dates? Anytime can do us if it will only be done for a few hours.


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