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Posted in: Report Bugs and Issues

Bug Reporting Guidelines - ** Please read before submitting bugs **

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  • tim-eisenhauer

    Communifire Bug Reporting Guidelines

    Thank you for helping to make Communifire a better product -- and thank you for submitting your bug reports.

    When taking bug submissions from our customers, the most important question we have to ask is: "Are you sure it's a bug?" A bug is a flaw in the Communifire platform that can cause glitches, program failure, or other things that make the system non usable. Communifire is thoroughly searched and tested for bugs before it is released for use.  Occasionally, bugs slip through the net -- and we do have a list of known issues that we're currently working on fixing.

    If you are not sure if something is a "feature" or a "bug," it's always best to let us know. 

    When submitting a bug, there are a number of things we're looking for so we can pinpoint the bug and fix it.

    Every good bug report needs exactly three things:
    1. Steps to reproduce the bug,
    2. What you expected to see, and
    3. What you saw instead

    Please try to avoid phrases such as "it doesn't work" or "I get an error." 

    Try your best to let us know, in as much detail as possible, what steps you take to get your bug ... and if it is always there, or only happens at a specific time, with a certain option selected, or any other combination of actions to create it. 

    If you get any error messages or error numbers, include them in your bug report.

    Provide any supporting evidence. If you have logs, error messages, screenshots, videos, or a link to a domain then please let us see it.

    Since Communifire is a web based platform is is also VERY important to let us know the type of browser you are using (Internt Explorer 8+, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome are the browsers that we support) and please provide the version number of the browser you are using.

    Once you report your bug, please give us a little time to digest it and understand it. Your bug is VERY important to us. 

    Sometimes there is a bug that we know about that may be the same as your bug. We will let you know and tell you where you can get more information on the fix. 

    We'll look at your report and try to re-create this bug in our own installation of Communifire.  If we can't recreate it in our own system, we may ask you for access to your installation of Communifire so we can diagnose the issue.

    We try our best to let you know that we have seen your bug and tell you what we are doing with it.

    Should you have any questions, please be sure to let us know.

    Many Thanks.

    Axero Team

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