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Posted in: Report Bugs and Issues

Issues with use of microsoft online editing feature

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  • Can I please have some more information on the function for editing MS documents online works. I have just been editing an excel document online (and I  checked it out first). However at one point it froze for a long period – see screenshot attached. I had to just close the tab and then when opening again my work was lost. Then after some time, and reopening some of my work appeared, but not all. Can you please clarify:

    1. How does the checkout/check-in function work – is it separate to the edit online function and is it required that documents are downloaded and edited offline for this to work?
    2. When editing online can others edit the file simultaneously? How can we ensure that work is being saved as there is no save button (it says it is being done automatically – however this is not the case in my experience)
    3. Is there a way to recover work when using the edit online function?


  • Hi Mia,

    1. When you check out a file and edit it in Office Online, you are the only person who can edit the file. Once you close the tab, the file will be checked in and updated. You don't need to download the file.

    2. Yes, users can edit files simultaneously. To do this, edit the file in Office Online without checking it out first. Make sure users have the Update All permission in Manage Space > Permissions > Folder Permissions .

    Regarding the "Working on it..." message you saw, were you editing a Sharepoint Excel file?

    3. Try checking the file's version history, either in Communifire or in Sharepoint, to see if a previous version has the changes you made.


  • Thanks Grace,  Mia Cusack posted on my behalf. Regarding the error "working on it" yes this was while working on a excel file via the online option. When checking previous versions the data was lost unfortunately. When I closed the tab (after it froze as the only way to get out of it), when I went back in it still said I had it checked out. Then to check back in it was requesting me to upload a file hence confusion about downloading. 

  • Hi Phoebe,

    Do you experience the same issue if you open and edit the Excel file from Sharepoint?

    If the file is checked out and you haven't made any changes, you can click Undo Check Out.


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