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Posted in: Report Bugs and Issues

Required Read not working

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  • TobiGeekie

    Yesterday we started to notice that there were instances where the required read didn't appear as expected.   From an individual's activity stream it shows as a required read but when you opened an article you couldn't confirm it.  I've attached an example with my user.

    This morning a user (Nicole Yarema) that posted an article on our marketing space didn't have the option to make it required read and normally she does.

    Has there been a change or an update that could be impacting this?


  • Foster

    Hi Tobi,

    There should not be any changes affecting this. I rebuilt the cache on your site and the required read button had appeared. There may have been a small glitch where it was slow to load in. 

    For Nicole, was there any changes to her role or the permissions to the space that she was posting in?


  • TobiGeekie

    Thanks Foster,

    Yes Nicole's is a role issue.  That was my mistake. My apologies.

    I was able to confirm my required read after your update.  I've asked the other staff members affected if it corrected their issue and still awaiting a response.  Assuming all is good.

  • TobiGeekie

    Hi Foster,

    I have 2 additional users reporting that they are unable to confirm a required read that is on their list. The users are Susan Mervyn and Dana Boryskiewich.  The required reads are Ask the CEO and June Jeans Day.

    In trying to trouble shoot this I wonder if it matters that the first version of an article is published with a required read and then if there is an edit to the article and we don't tick the required read box on that version would it create this scenario.  Sometimes there's been a typo or small miss in the first draft so instead of generating another required read notification we don't tick the box.  I know it didn't used to be an issue but I'm wondering with these 2 specifically if that's what's going on.

  • Foster

    Hi Tobi,

    I will look into this further to make sure that editing an article without checking the required read causes any issues.


  • TobiGeekie

    Thanks.  I keep getting more staff report that they can't confirm they have read the 2 articles I have identified.  So there is something up with them.

  • Hi Foster,

    Just checking in on this to see if there's any change.  I have also attached some more examples of staff reporting that they can't get rid of the required reads.

  • Hi Tobi,

    We are looking into this for you.


  • Answered

    Hi Tobi,

    A change was made to required reading functionality recently. Before, when you edited content that was marked as required reading, the required reading checkbox on the edit page was already checked. Now when you edit content that is marked as required reading, the required reading checkbox on the edit page is not checked. If you are editing content that users still need to confirm they read, you must check the required reading checkbox when editing.

    Currently, the content you pointed out is not marked as required reading. If users still need to confirm they read the content, follow the steps below:

    1. Edit the content
    2. Check "Required reading"
    3. Save the content

    This will fix the issue of the confirm button not appearing on content.

    If users don't need to confirm they read the content, edit the content and save it. This will remove the content from users' required reading list.


  • Thank-you for the information.  This helps clarify the behavior and your suggestions allowed us to have them removed from the required read list.

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