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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Home Page Missing Widget for Non Admins

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  • Hi - so we may have messed something up when we reset the permissions for the Roundtable group from Public to Private... but we can't figure out what exactly.  Now the verbiage on the main Home Page of the site that explains it is missing for non-admins?

    We double checked the Patient Community Roundtable settings, Permissions are turned ON to view the space for all roles. 

    Also, on the Home Page widget it's set for Unrestricted view.


  • Ok, clearly we really messed something up with top level permissions. Even the admins now cannot see ANYTHING for the descriptions:

  • Hi Tiffany,

    Could you go to Control Panel > System > Advanced System Utilities and rebuild the index? We usually recommend doing this during non-business hours as content will disappear from Page Builder pages while the index is rebuilding.

    After the index finishes rebuilding, do the widgets on the homepage display correctly?


  • Hi Tiffany,

    Exactly what changes did you make? Did you set the space from public to private? 

    Also, what was previously displayed on the homepage, was it just the space info?


  • Hi both - 

    First, rebuilding the index fixed A LOT.  TrickyT is now a PatientVoice in the Space, the admins can see everything on the Home Page and the ONLY thing that is missing in view for TrickyT now on the Home Page is the description of the Roundtable Space. And yes, we recently changed it from public to private. We changed the Roles in there too, added Patient Voice and removed all permissions from Guest view other than "Space".


  • Hi Tiffany,

    Do you want to Roundtable space description on the homepage to be visible to non-space-members? Or only space members? TrickyT isn't a member of the Roundtable space, so that's why that user doesn't see the Roundtable space on the homepage. TrickyT's request to join the space is pending.


  • Oh, I see. We want that description visible to everyone on the site, as that's the menu to choose what to join.  Seems we set it up right with the ACT II project (also private?)


  • Answered

    Hi Tiffany,

    Edit the widget for the Roundtable space, then in the Advanced tab, check Ignore Permissions. This will make the widget visible to non-space-members.


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