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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Wall Post tagging

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  • I have a moderator within a private space who has asked me if it is possible to filter their wall posts ...or if there is another/better way to manage this. 

    As an example, they work in a store environment, and most of the use of this private space is to share things like product knowledge/training, or closing notes for the next day, or to let the other team members know something is depleted /has been reordered.  

    They accomplish this by all taking responsibility in reading the most recent wall posts regularly as part of their schedule. 

    My initial thought was to tag the posts with the most commonly used categories; for example Product knowledge (we tried #PK)  and then create a content feed in page builder on their home page with that tag, but it is not working.

    Any suggestions? 

  • Hi Jennifer,

    You should be able to filter wall posts by tag in a Content List widget. Could you share the URL for the Page Builder page where you tried doing this?


  • Certainly! I am confident it is operator error, I am just not sure where I am going wrong:


  • Answered

    Hi Jennifer,

    It looks like you set up the Content List correctly. There should be wall posts with #PK in the original wall post, not just in the comments. Have you tried creating a new wall post with #PK?


  • Thank you...it does work with a new post. It was the "backtagging" we tried that wasn't working. I don't think this is possible, but is there a way to edit wall posts? Or, achieve this result with something editable like discussions?


  • Hi Jennifer,

    There isn't a way to edit wall posts. Using tagged discussions instead would work as well.


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