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Space Settings Public and Moderated

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  • I apologize, I feel I should know this, or at least be able to locate this in the documentation, but we are somehow confused what we've done wrong with the following setting:

    We want everyone to be able to see this Space.  But we don't want everyone to be able to automatically access it without permission. So we set that to "Is Moderated."  

    Then we went into a non-admin user account and tried to join and had no issue?

    Clicked join and got right in.


  • Answered

    Hi Tiffany,

    Was the user invited to the space previously? You can check in Manage Space > People > Invitations. Is the user listed there?


  • Yes!  Ok, so that's the issue then?  We do have this set up correctly?

  • Hi Tiffany,

    Yes, if a user was invited to a space previously and attempts to join the space again, they will be automatically approved because of the existing invitation. You can delete the invitation in Manage Space to prevent a user from automatically joining a moderated space.


  • Although this was kind of odd.  Removed them from the invite list. Then went back into the account and left the group.  This time, went to join and while I didn't get in I also didn't get any type of notification message that I was awaiting approval.  Also, since there isn't a join now button anymore, this non-admin user is sort of just left confused.  Could this be something to do with the fact that they were once invited?

    I checked, it shows on the admin side there is someone waiting. 

  • Hi Tiffany,

    The pending message doesn't appear on the Page Builder homepage. If you open a different page in the space, such as the Info or Activity Stream page, you'll see the message.


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