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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Search Hero Template Customization

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  • Hi there, I have the Search Hero template on the homepage of our intranet and I would like to do the following: 

    • Add an image to go behind the search bar - as opposed to the gradient color
    • Remove the text 'Quick Navigation' above the three buttons
    • Link my company's Employee Handbook on the corresponding button
    • Remove the other two buttons (but learn how to add them back if I need to)
    • Remove 'Have a question that we can help you with? 

    Please advise, thanks! 

  • Hi Amorkor,

    We are looking into this.


  • Hi Amorkor,

    • You can change the background image in your CSS overrides. The link to the background image is located as highlighted below:
    • Quick Nav text has been removed
    • Where is your Employee Handbook located on your Intranet? I can add a link to the correct location
    • In order to remove the two other buttons, you will want to navigate to the widget template, at /admin/uibuilder/templates. Here you can select the Search Widget, and edit the Search Hero Template. You can remove the extra buttons from here. This is also where you would add the correct URL to the Employee handbook. 
    • Have a Question We Can Help You With has been removed. 


    Please let me know if you would like to change anything else!


    Amorkor Badger
    Amorkor Badger
    Thank you for the explanation. I think my question is more of how to remove the buttons. I see the code. What's next?
    3/10/2021 02:56 PM
  • Hi Foster, the employee handbook is located in the HR space. It's the only file they have there. 

    Where do I get the link to the image? When I save it? 

  • Hi Amorkor,

    • The file now links directly to your Employee Handbook. 
    • In order to get the link to the image, please right click the image, and click "Copy Image Address" 
    • In order to delete the two other buttons, delete the bolded lines below in the template.
      <div class="axero-search-block-sub">
          <div class="row-fluid axero-search-block-links">
               <div class="span4"><a href="/spaces/11/human-resources/files/133/fii_national_employee_handbook_2021-final-pdf">Employee Handbook</a></div>
      <div class="span4">
      <a href="/spaces/252/human-resources/forums">Discussions</a></div> <div class="span4">
      <a href="/spaces/252/human-resources/videos">Training Videos</a></div>
      </div> </div>

    This will make it so there is only one button. You may also want to change the "Span4" class to "Span 12" or "Span8" to make the button bigger once it is the onlyone.

    I hope this helps,

  • I did this, and nothing changed on the page.

  • Hi Amorkor,

    I can no longer see any of the buttons on the search. It looks like all 3 may have been deleted.

    Was this the intention?


  • Answered

    Yes, I didn't like the way it looked with one button. If we decide we have things to add there I can add them back later, right?

    Do the buttons need to be there for the image to work? 

  • Hi Amorkor,

    Yes they can always be added back at any time!


  • I think my question got lost in the other conversations. I'm still trying to upload a photo behind the Search Hero template. I pasted the image url to the location that you said above but the photo has not changed. 

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