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Posted in: Features and Functionality

User Profiles: Adding and Displaying Custom Fields

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  • I am trying to find where on the control panel when I add/edit a new person I can add tot he drop down list of options for department in the "Work Information" section shown below.

  • Hi Jennifer,

    No worries, I'll walk you through the process of adding a custom field with a dropdown list of options to the edit profile page and displaying it on the user profile page.


    1. Head to the Control Panel > People > User Profiles page. Next, under Pages, click the cog next to Edit Profile page to edit the page.

    2. We are now editing the Edit Profile page of your intranet. On the left-hand side, click Widgets and scroll down to the Add New Field section which has the Field Group widget. Drag and drop the Field Group widget onto the page and edit properties. 

    3. We are now configuring the Field Group widget. First, you'll need to adjust the Field Label which can be found under Properties; your naming convention will help us identify the user's answer for display purposes later on. 

    4. Next, we'll be populating the Field Options widget with options. Click the Field Options tab on the top-hand side and type an option under the Edit Option field. Once you've typed out an option, click the Add Option button. Rinse and repeat until you've typed out all of your options. Click Save. 

    5. We'll want to preview our new widget. Click Preview at the top-hand side to preview your dropdown list of options. When you're happy with the new field option, click Publish Changes. On the left-hand side, click All Pages to return to User Profiles.

    6. We will now want to display the new field on the user profile page. Click the cog of the User Profile page and click Edit Page

    7. We will now display the Company Departments widget on the user profile page. On the left-hand side, click on Widgets. Under Fields, find the name that you had assigned to the Field Options widget on step 3. Once you've found it, drag and drop the widget to a designated spot on the page. Click Publish Changes


    I hope that you found this tutorial helpful. Please let us know if there's something else we can do for you, Jennifer. Thanks! 

  • Thank you for all of this, but I think I may not have been clear enough, as I tried to follow and this added a new field. We have a widget in place for "Department", but we have some new departments I want to add as options. I am not finding where I can edit the widget.


  • Hi Jennifer,

    Expand the Work Information section, and then you'll be able to see and edit the Department field.


  • Thank you. How do you add to the list? I only see an option to delete.

  • Hi Jennifer,

    I'm looking into why the Add Option button isn't appearing.


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