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Posted in: Features and Functionality

People Directory in spaces

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  • I juts recently discovered the People directory filter by department and am trying to apply it to some spaces, but it displays wonky (if that's a word) . Long and skinny instead of the stacked option I normally get when not using a filter. See link below. Is there a fix I am missing for this?


  • Hi Jennifer,

    I believe you will be able to fix this by changing the template within the people widget. With the current settings it defaults to "People Directory" giving it the long skinny look for each person and multiple people per line. Changing it to "People Directory - List" will list each member on their own line.

    Please let me know if this is the look you are going for, or if we need to try some other options.



  • Hi Chaz, 

    I do not have the "People Directory - List" option you suggested above, but if I choose "People List" I get a similar view, but the filter option disappears...screenshot below.

  • Hi Jennifer,

    The "People Directory - List" setting is under the Template option at the top of the configure widget page. Apologies for not being more clear initially. This setting will give you the list look while keeping the current filters applied. 

    Please let me know if this template drop down menu is not populating for you.



  • Still not stacking in the way I would like. See this space: https://bridge.crystalbridges.org/admin/uibuilder/pages/addedit/24

    vs.  this one:


  • Hi Jennifer,

    It looks like your second example is the widget type People Directory:

    However the other is a People List.

    Once you change this widget type, you should see the correct options for the template to make it look like your correct example.

    If you need help with this, please let me know.


  • I think I may need help because when I change the widget type, I lose the ability to filter by department.


  • Hi Jennifer,

    You are correct, the two widget types do have different functionality and different looks. I'm afraid I can't make the People Directory widget look exactly like the People List widget. However, I have added a new Page Builder Template to your site (Control Panel > System > Page Builder Templates) titled "People Directory - List_2". This template will remove a lot of the unnecessary information and make the People Directory widget look a little closer to the People List widget. 

    At your convenience, please try applying this new template to the People Directory widget type and let me know if this will work for your needs.



  • I have applied the template and it is definitely better...thank you! Not knowing what you did, is there a way to best submit this for a future improvement? 

    The best way I can explain it for our organization is that most of my departments want a "People List...name and title"for the department/project, not for everyone who has joined the space...this is primary applicable to public spaces. Consider it a way to identify those who you might want to connect wit/communicate with based on their role in the dpartment/project. I have tried a few workarounds, and was excited to see this new "filter feature", but no one really cares for how it displays once the filter is applied.

  • Answered

    I'm glad we were able to get the widget looking better! The best place to post this suggestion will be the Suggestions and Feedback forum. Our development team uses this forum to determine possible additions in functionality. I will also bring the suggestion up internally just to be sure it is heard.

    Please post in the Feedback Forum that you would like either the people list widget to have the same custom filter as the directory widget, or that the directory list widget has a template option for the same look as the people list widget. I believe either solution will accomplish your goal.



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