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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Editing comments on a nomination wall post

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  • Hi there, 

    Is there any way for a user to edit/delete their comments on a nomination wall post they received?



  • Answered

    Hi Chloie,

    Members of a space will be able to delete their own comments or wall posts if the delete permission is applied for the member role. This permission can be found under Manage Space > Settings > Permissions > Wall.

    checking delete will allow the below delete button to appear.

    I hope this information is helpful. Please let us know if any further questions come up!


  • Thanks  Chaz Konarska ! Does this also apply to wall posts on a nomination? I turned on the permissions but still don't see the delete button. 

  • Happy to help Chloie,

    To clarify, which space are you looking for this delete button to appear in? Also, would you like the person receiving the badge/comment to be able to delete, or would you like the person posting to be able to delete? Any additional information you provide will be helpful!



  • Thanks,  Chaz Konarska ! And apologies for not being clear. Since our recognition program is site-wide there is no one space that we are trying to set these permissions for. In this case our employee was recognized for a badge. She tried to respond but hit enter too quickly and ended up posting four comments. Ideally, we'd like her to be able to delete her comments and respond with a new one. We do not want people to have the ability to delete the actual recognition though and have set it up so only admins can delete wall posts. Does this help clarify a little more?

  • The added information was incredibly helpful, thank you Chloie!

    It seems previously, the below lines were added to the CSS overrides (Control Panel >System > Look and Feel > CSS Overrides). This hides the delete button that would normally appear under these comments. 

    /*Hide Wall Comment Delete Option*/
    #axero-wall-entry-comment-post-options-delete {
    visibility: hidden;

    Removing this line and saving the CSS Overrides will allow users to delete their own comments again, as well as allowing admins to delete any comments.



  • Chaz Konarska oh duh. I'm so sorry! I forget that we had that code in place. Thank you so much for digging and helping out!

  • No apologies necessary Chloie,

    I'm always happy to help, Please don't hesitate to reach out with anything else that comes up!

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