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Posted in: Features and Functionality

How to hide author and publication date

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  • In order to promote the look & concept of evergreen content, we want to hide the author name, author picture, and publication date from articles and wikis published in our HR space - how can we do this?

    Thank you!

  • Answered

    Hi Anna,

    This can be accomplished with CSS overrides. First you will need to add a custom CSS class to the body of the space you would like the change to impact. This can be accomplished in page builder under utility fields.

    For this example, I've titled the Body CSS class "benefits-page". Once the class is added click publish changes and navigate to the CSS overrides page (Control Panel > System> Look and Feel >CSS Overrides). Then add the below text to the CSS overrides page.

    /*Hide author info on benefits page*/
    .benefits-page .p-user {
    display: none;}

    Once the overrides are saved no elements with the ".p-user" class will be visible in the space, which will remove the authors, avatars, and date posted shown in your screen shot.

    I hope this information is helpful, please let us know if you have any additional questions!


  • Hi Anna,

    Adding more information to what Chaz mentioned, If you want to hide the authors section just for the widgets rendering with ax-magazine-hero class you can go with: 

    .ax-magazine-hero li .thumbnail .hero-overlay .p-user {display:none}


  • Thanks, Chaz - I'd like to apply this override to the content displayed in this sub space: https://connect.rainforrent.com/spaces/67/benefits/home

    I added "benefits-page" to the "Body CSS Class" field, and hit "Publish Changes"

    I then followed the path you laid out to the CSS  Overrides page - where should I enter the new override? At line 1? Or at the very bottom, should I click return at the end of line 665 to create a line 666 and then paste that new override there?

    Thank you! 


  • Answered

    Hi Anna,

    You can add it at the last. You can hit enter on the last line and can add the CSS after that.


  • Awesome! Thanks, Raghav. That worked :)

    Raghav Khunger
    Raghav Khunger
    Glad to know that it worked!
    24 days ago
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