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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Trigger email when new content is added to a specific space

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  • Hi 

    I was wondering if there was a way to make a space for a newsletter and then whenever something new gets posted, it triggers an email to say something like "hey go look at the most recent newsletter...." 

    We've turned most of our email notifications off and I don't want it to send emails for new content in every space, just the one. Is this possible or maybe there is another solution I haven't found?



  • Answered

    Hi Emily,

    One way to trigger an email for new content is to use Required Reading . Mark the content as required reading, and people will get a notification for it. They'll also be prompted to confirm that they read it.

    Another option is to copy the link of the content and post it to the space wall. If the space has wall post notifications enabled in Manage Space > Settings, people will get an email notification about the wall post and can follow the link to the content. This setting should be unchecked:

    Let me know if these options would work for you.


  • Hi Grace,

    The wall post thing may work. I'll have to test it. Thanks for the advice! 

  • I don't think the wall post will work the way I want it to. Is there a way to automatically trigger and email for an article? Or is there custom CSS we can use to trigger emails for any content in a specific space?

  • Hi Emily,

    The only other option for triggering an email notification for new content is to mark the content as required reading.


  • Okay then is there a way to change the text for required reading so it doesn't feel so authoritative? And Maybe remove the red highlight? We don't use required reading anywhere else on the site for the time being

  • Hi Emily,

    You can change the text for required reading in Control Panel > System > Localized Content. Copy the text and paste it in the search, then edit the resource and update the text.

    Below is sample code to change the colors for required reading to blue. Add the code in Control Panel > System > CSS Overrides.

    /*Change colors for required reading*/
    /*On content homepages*/
    .xs-newsroom-default .xs-content ul li a .tile-content .tile-content-text .tile-head .category-eyebrow {
        color: #2a7bcf
    /*On content page*/
    .ax-required-reading.alert.alert-error {
        background-color: #cce5ff;
        color: #000000;
        border-color: #b8daff;
    #ConfirmButton {
        background-color: #cce5ff;
        background-image: none;
        border-color: #000000;
        color: #000000;

    The required reading message will look like this on the content homepages:

    And like this on content pages:

    Let us know if you need help changing the colors.


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