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Posted in: Features and Functionality

adding Social Media Buttons and activity ticker/tracker

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  • Hello - I am trying to find information on how to add social media buttons to our main page and possibly show activity ticker.  I have not been able to find information how to accomplish this task.

  • Hi Cherree, 

    Could you provide more information? What kind of social media buttons do you want to add? What should the buttons do? Open certain accounts on social media sites? Or open options to share content on social media sites?

    Where would you like the social media buttons to appear?

    You can use the Activity Widget to display an Activity Ticker on a Page Builder page. Set the Widget Type to Activity Ticker and select the space.


  • The social media buttons are Linkedin and twitter.  We may want the recent activity to show up as a ticker and or a button that takes the to the social media sites.

    We want to place them on our home page at the top.

  • Hi Cherree,

    LinkedIn doesn't allow embedding a feed on other sites. You can embed an individual post however. The LinkedIn Post wiki shows how to do this.

    The Twitter Feed wiki shows how to embed a Twitter feed.

    If you'd like to link to a specific Twitter or LinkedIn page, you can use a Button Widget . Here's how you would configure the Button widget:

    • Button text: The text to display
    • Button type: URL
    • URL: The Twitter or LinkedIn link
    • Check Open in new tab

    In the Advanced tab:

    • Icon: Search for "twitter" and select a Twitter icon, or search for "linkedin" and select a LinkedIn icon
    • Custom CSS class: Enter btn-bottom-space

    The button would then look like this:

    For the button, also add the following code in Control Panel > System > CSS Overrides.

    /*Add space at bottom of button with class btn-bottom-space*/
    .btn-bottom-space {margin-bottom:10px;}


  • Thank you Grace

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