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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Tab display on a page builder page

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  • Hi! I'm wondering if anyone has a way to create a template for tabbed content (like this) that can contain multiple widget types, not just content lists? I feel like there's maybe a way with a section menu and sections, but I don't want to experiment too heavily and break my whole site.

    I have a raw hmtl template, but it's very labor-intensive to update if one of the tabs is supposed to be a content list.

  • Answered

    Hi Jake,

    Take a look at the Create a Multi-Page Page Builder Page guide. This lets you create one Page Builder page that displays other Page Builder pages without refreshing the page.

    You can save your different widgets on different Page Builder pages, then create a "master" page that displays all the pages using buttons. Would this work for you?


  • Oooh, thanks! This is pretty close to what I was hoping for. Is there any way to have one button automatically "pressed" on loading? 

  • Hi Jake,

    Edit the Button widget you want to be automatically pressed, click the Advanced tab, and add selected-button in Custom CSS class.

    Save the Button widget, then add a Raw HTML widget below the button widgets with the following code.

        window.onload = function onLoad() { $('.selected-button')[0].click(); };

    Save the Raw HTML widget and the page. The button should be pressed automatically when you load the page. Let me know if this doesn't work for you.


  • This is great, thank you so much!

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