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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Launchpad - 1 lines of icons

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  • Is there a way to customize the launchpad widget to allow for 1 row of icons only instead of rows of 4 icons across?


  • Hi Sierra,

    Could you share the page URL where the launch pad appears?


  • https://understood.communifire.com/

    I would love to be able to make the "Employee Resources" launchpad stretch across horizontally in 1 row -- 8 icons across

  • Answered

    Hi Sierra,

    The launch pad is now displaying 8 icons in one row. To do that, I made the following changes:

    I edited the Navigation widget and in the Advanced tab, I added launchpad-row-8 to Custom CSS class.

    I then added the following code in Control Panel > System > CSS Overrides.

    /*Style for launch pad: 8 icons per row*/
    .axero-widget-launchpad.launchpad-row-8 .axero-widget-content .lp-content ul li {width:12.5%}

    To make any other launch pad show 8 icons per row, just add launchpad-row-8 to the widget's Custom CSS class setting.


  • This is great! Are there other classes I could use? Say "launchpad-row-12" as well? I'm trying to have Org Tools Launchpad be 12 across. https://understood.communifire.com/

  • I'm looking to have a launchpad with a row of 2 across under the "understood" launchpad on this page: https://understood.communifire.com/

  • Hi Sierra,

    I added CSS styles for launch pad rows of 2-12 icons. The code is below. You can now use the classes launchpad-row-2 through launchpad-row-12 for your launch pad widgets. Let me know if you'd like more classes.

    /*Styles for launch pad: 2-12 icons per row*/
    .axero-widget-launchpad.launchpad-row-2 .axero-widget-content .lp-content ul li {width:50%}
    .axero-widget-launchpad.launchpad-row-3 .axero-widget-content .lp-content ul li {width:calc(100%/3)}
    .axero-widget-launchpad.launchpad-row-4 .axero-widget-content .lp-content ul li {width:25%}
    .axero-widget-launchpad.launchpad-row-5 .axero-widget-content .lp-content ul li {width:20%}
    .axero-widget-launchpad.launchpad-row-6 .axero-widget-content .lp-content ul li {width:calc(100%/6)}
    .axero-widget-launchpad.launchpad-row-7 .axero-widget-content .lp-content ul li {width:calc(100%/7)}
    .axero-widget-launchpad.launchpad-row-9 .axero-widget-content .lp-content ul li {width:calc(100%/9)}
    .axero-widget-launchpad.launchpad-row-10 .axero-widget-content .lp-content ul li {width:10%}
    .axero-widget-launchpad.launchpad-row-11 .axero-widget-content .lp-content ul li {width:calc(100%/11)}
    .axero-widget-launchpad.launchpad-row-12 .axero-widget-content .lp-content ul li {width:calc(100%/12)}


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