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Posted in: Features and Functionality

recommendation on how to best execute

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  • Hi- We use our intranet for 5 different companies that we own.  As up until now,  material that we share and communicate is relevant to all and we do not have specific spaces assigned to each company.  Currently, we have the 2021 holiday calendar showing on our home page.  We now have a company who will have a slightly different holiday calendar.  Is there a best way to share this calendar with only that company's employees and still have on main home page?


  • Hi Christina,

    Is the holiday calendar an external calendar? Or do you want to add the calendar events in Communifire?


  • It is a PDF (external) calendar.

  • Hi Christina,

    If the people in that company all have a specific top level role that other users don't, you can add a widget on the homepage for their holiday calendar, and make that widget visible for that role only.

    Do they have a top level role that other users don't? I checked the roles in Control Panel > People > Roles, and it doesn't look like you have roles for the 5 companies.

    Do the users have another common attribute, such as email domain or a profile field like Company or Department?


  • All employees (throughout all the companies) are just part of the Top Level Community.  

    I'm not sure that I understand your last question correctly but "Entity" would be a common attribute.  For example- the company that we want to only have access to the CEESI CO calendar is CEESI CO.  However, this is a field that the employee completes when registering and some don't...some only put CEESI, etc.  So, may not be the answer?

  • Hi Christina,

    The "Entity" profile field could work for this, but like you said, anyone who hasn't selected CEESI as their Entity wouldn't see the holiday calendar link on the homepage.

    Another option is the email address. Do they all have @ceesi.com email addresses? If so, we can use this instead.


  • Unfortunately, for two reasons, email address would not work.

  • Answered

    Hi Christina,

    In that case, I would recommend making use of top level roles to differentiate your users. When you've assigned top level roles to your users, you can then add a widget on the homepage and set which roles can see the widget. Please refer to Add User Role for how to create top level roles in the Control Panel.

    Once the roles are created, there are a few options for assigning the roles to users:

    Mass assign roles using Bulk Import Users
    You'll need a CSV file of the people you want to assign a role to. The CSV file should include usernames and email addresses. Example:

    Once you have a CSV file, go to Control Panel > People > Manage People > Options > Bulk Import People and follow the steps. In step 3, select the role to assign to the users. You can skip step 4. Refer to the Bulk Import Users page for screenshots of the process.

    Assign roles to multiple people in Manage People
    Go to Control Panel > People > Manage People and do the following:

    • Check the users
    • Click the Set User Role button at the top of the table
    • Check the Member role and the other roles which those users should have
    • Click Save

    Assign roles one by one in Manage People
    Since you have under 100 users, this may be manageable. Go to Control Panel > People > Manage People and do the following:

    • Click the gear icon for that user > Set Role
    • Check the roles they should have (Don't remove the Member role)
    • Click Save

    Refer to the Set User Role page for assigning roles in Manage People.

    Once you've assigned roles, add the widget to the homepage. Edit the widget, and in the Roles tab, check the roles that should see the widget.

    After you save the widget and the page, that widget will be visible to only people with the roles you checked.


  • Thanks!  I'm on the path to creating.  So far, I've created the new role titled "CEESI CO" and assigned the correct people to that role (in addition to member).  My question is...when I add the widget, I need to first add the file and when I get to "where would you like to upload your file"? it doesn't give the option of CEESI CO.  Should it?

  • Hi Christina,

    What file are you trying to add?


  • Im trying to add the PDF holiday calendar that is for CEESI Colorado only.  Thanks

  • my thought was to do an HTML widget to execute this...however, if you have a better idea, would appreciate your suggestion :)

  • Hi Christina,

    I would recommend uploading the PDF to the top level community, since this is where the other PDF calendars are.

    Then on the homepage, add a new Navigation widget. Set up a navigation item for content, and search for the calendar PDF file.

    And in the Roles tab, check the CEESI role.


  • thank you SO much!  

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