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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Daymaker page dysfunction

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  • hey! I have a weird question for you. A store manager somehow managed to post her own video to our DayMaker space which then overrode the page we originally created. Is there anyway you can tell me how that is possible as she is not an admin user on the site. Her username is 964566


  • Hi Brooke,

    Can you please let me know what the space should look like normally? It does look like there is a link to a video and image missing at the top of the page.

    It also looks like regular members (Christina is a normal member in the space) have the delete permission for videos. So it is possible that she deleted other videos when she added her own. 


  • Ugh! Just updated the space permissions (thank you - I have no clue how that one slipped!)

    I do not have a screenshot of what the page looked like prior as our old space admin created it and is no longer with the company. I didn't know if there was some magical secret archive on the backend by any chance!

  • Hi Brooke,

    The only option to restore content is to rollback the entire intranet by 24-48 hours (possibly longer if the content was deleted before that). Any content that was created or any changes that were made will be lost when the site is rolled back.

    It may be best to re-upload your missing videos and re-set the link that is broken in the pagebuilder page.


  • Answered

    Ah darn - that is okay. That video was posted 15 days ago and that would cause a lot of hassle for us as we just redid the entire homepage etc.


    Thank you for helping with solutions Foster - really appreciate it!

  • No problem Brooke, I'm glad I could help out where possible.


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