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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Calendar Invite Email Notifications

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  • So someone on one of my spaces has added this event: https://ccpstaff.org/spaces/40/youth-cop/calendar. It seems that for some reason everyone who was invited is now receiving email notifications when people reply. I think at this point I would like to shut off all notifications related to calendar invites because I don't want to junk up people's inboxes. Is the issue here that they select "External guests can invite others" and it made everyone an organizer? 

    Thank you, 


  • Hi Rebecca,

    Which event is this happening for? Could you provide a direct link to the event? To get the direct link from the calendar page, click the event then click View full event.

    The "External guests can invite others" setting shouldn't have made everyone an organizer.

    You can disable event-related email notifications in Control Panel > System > Email Templates:

    1. Set the page to display 200 items per page
    2. Search the page for "event" to find all the event emails
    3. Edit the email templates
    4. Uncheck Active
    5. Click Update


  • Grace, 

    Why did all those people become organizers ?? 

    What could have caused that? 

    Thank you,


  • Hi Rebecca,

    When the event was first created, did the extra people appear as organizers? Or did this happen later? Did anyone edit the event after it was created?


  • I think there was some change this morning and that did it somehow. I'm following up with the person who added it to see. 

  • Answered


    I figured it out. He clicked the checks next to their name and made them all organizers. He didn't know it would do that. i fixed it. 



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