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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Change Name of a Case Creator

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  • Is a possible to change name of a case creator due to resign from us?

  • Hi Elizabeth,

    We are looking into this.


  • Hi Elizabeth,

    If I understand you correctly, the person who has created the content is leaving and you want the content created by them to display another persons name. If that is the case you can assign the content to any other user in the community 

    To do this navigate to Settings - Manage People - Click the user you want to Delete/Deactivate and assign the content to a different user



    Atul Ahuja
  • Thanks for prompt reply.  What if not all the cases are being transferred to one person.  Let say, Case 1 is transferred to Person A, while Case 2 is transferred to Person B.  Is it possible to set re-assign content based on the case level, not by user level?

  • Answered

    Hi Elizabeth,

    It isn't possible to change the creator of individual cases. You can use the "Assign" field to set who the case is transferred to.


  • Noted with thanks

  • Hi Elizabeth.,

    Let us know if you face any further issues.


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