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Posted in: Features and Functionality

UserName and First Name Changes

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  • Hi - 

    I think we messed up some settings (deleted something we shouldn't) and now we can't seem to figure out how to get it back (if that is the problem). 

    In our site, we don't want people to use real names. So we have everyone choose a Username and then we bulk upload them by choosing the "First Name" as their username, n/a as their last name, then Username again is the same as First Name:

    NAME                                                          USERNAME              Emal


    But we are having people wanting to change the Username people in the site see.  Example above - we went to Kerry's profile, which used to say Kerry.Wong, and in the space for Username we added the new KerryOfSrongeretc.

    However, it doesn't change her name visibly in the site:



    So we went back to our profile settings and we think because we removed the first name option, we can't actually edit anyone's visible site name (aka what we are calling a UserName).:

    In the widgets, there is no "first name" option anymore. 

    There are TWO UserNames (near bottom).  Is one of these the right one to add to make it so we can edit the visible names (aka Usernames) on the site?


    Thank you 

  • gskamau

    Hi Tiffany,

    The "Username" field currently on the edit profile page is the original "First name" field. The ID is 21. The other "Username" field (ID 47) is the system username field. On your site, display names are the system usernames, so you should replace field 21 with field 47. Field 47 is the second listed "Username" field when you edit the edit profile field.


  • Ok Ty- one follow up question... if we replace it, will it auto populate then (we don't need to go in and edit all the names?)

    thank you!

  • gskamau

    Hi Tiffany,

    Yes, if you add the system username field to the page, the field will auto-populate with people's current username.

    I enabled the User Section View permission for Members on your site in Control Panel > People > User Section Permissions. This permission is required to allow members to change their system username.


  • Hi Grace - 


    TY.  I went and replaced the profile pieces under Manage People with line 47 Username and it seemed to work?  In saying this, we actually DO NOT want them to be able to change their own names. We track everything for research so if they do that we won't be able to know who we are talking to :). 




  • gskamau

    Hi Tiffany,

    Sorry about that, I've disabled the permission for members now. Only site administrators and moderators can change usernames now.


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