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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Profile and Preferences

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  • Hello - we are creating user SOPs and have some questions. 

    • When we log into the non-admin/member profile, we see a time zone. That was set for the site as CT, but if the person changes that will default ONLY THEM to their time zone, yes?
    • What is the box for "I agree to promotional materials?"
    • What is Sync folders?  While it would be ok for admins to do this, we prefer members could not. But if this is just a standard feature, not sure what to tell people about it and how to use it.  Is there a way to remove the option (and if so, is that recommended?)

    Thank you -



  • gskamau

    Hi Tiffany,

    1. When a user selects a time zone in their preferences, the setting will only be applied to their account. Does that answer your question?
    2. You can use the "I agree to receive promotional offers" preference for your internal use. You can Download CSV File of Users and filter the CSV file by people who checked "I agree to receive promotional offers" setting, then provide the CSV file to a 3rd party or import the file into your own system to send email promotions to your users. Otherwise, this setting has no impact in the site.
    3. Sync Folders is for File Sync for Windows Desktop , which syncs Communifire files to and from your computer. You may be interested in using File Sync if you have a lot of files to upload to your site.
      You can remove the Sync Folders section in preferences by disabling File Sync - go to Control Panel > System > System Properties and search for EnableFileSync. Edit it and set it to false.
      Or you can hide that section for certain roles. To do this, go to Control Panel > People > User Profiles and Edit User Preferences Page .
      Edit the Sync Folders Section widget.
      Click the Roles tab.

      Check the roles which you want to allow to see the Sync Folders section. Then save the widget and page.


  • JoJo

    Thanks  Grace Kamau  for the Sync Folders info. 

    Curious about the "I agree to receive promotional offers" preference - I'd like to "hide" it and not show in Preferences.

  • gskamau

    Hi Jo,

    You can remove the promotional offers preference by going to Control Panel > People > User Profiles and Edit User Preferences Page .

    Expand the Preferences section.

    And remove the Promotional Offers section.

    The publish the page.


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