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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Member Invitations and Approval Permissions

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  • Hi -

    We just uploaded our first small group of members - and somehow this time (and this didn't happen last time) all admins and moderators were notified that a member needed approval?  The screen said it's because we have "user moderation on".  Is this something we did in between last week and now that we aren't aware of doing?  I know we've had to change different permissions over the week. 

    Second - I tried to turn off the permissions for Moderators to approve people, as 8 people got the email to approve someone and that can't happen.  So first, why do we now have to approve people and two, did I turn the settings off correctly - so Moderators no longer can approve?  


    Thank you - 



  • Hi Tiffany,

    This is because Auto Approve Members is unchecked in your general settings: 

    This will make it so anyone who is added or registers for the site will need to be approved by an Admin before they are given access to the site.


  • Ok - so we are a little confused because we didn't change this setting since last time we bulk added people. Nathaniel set this up because we can't let people request to join our site (ever). They have to apply with us .... so the aiarthritisvoices.org site is a log in or redirect to fill out an application/learn more. 

    Last bulk import we simply loaded people and THEN I personally emailed them with directions to set up their account, which was to go to aiarthritisvoices.org and type in their username and a password changeme123.  Then they were prompted to change the password and fill out the profile.  We gave them directions how to fill it out. 

    This time Sammi said she followed the same steps but all these people got an email generated to them?  Or at least one did (and can't get a hold of Sammi to ask if she loaded one person solo and, if so, maybe there is a different process that happens. We are so confused, as we need to do the personal email invitation with directions. 

    Attached is the screen shots what happened this time (which is NOT what happened last bulk import). This way is not what we want...we need it the other way?

  • PS - Ok, I haven't been adding people, but I rewatched the video and I see there is a box that, if unchecked, generates an email for them to log in.  If checked, they get no email (and we can email them).  Is that correct?  Could our team have left that unchecked this time, checked prior?

  • Just giving everyone an update - 

    It WAS the unchecked box while bulk loading (and individual loading). Sammi didn't check the box, so all 12 invites yesterday went out as automatic emails they were accepted to the site. That was problematic for us because we set up dummy passwords for everyone so we could personally email them with invitations and directions to log in ... so no one had passwords and one figured out to request to reset the password. 

    Then it got worse lol.... 

    Sammi also added the 12 people as Moderators, not guests. So when the one last person was added EVERYONE got another email telling them to approve someone. More confusion. I tried to change the settings to remove that permission from Moderators, not sure I did it right, we'll see.

    Then I edited a form that requires sign off to read. Every person got ANOTHER email they had to read a "required CMS" document. They had no clue what that meant. 


    So yesterday wasn't good, but it was a huge learning experience. I hope this can help others during their launches.

  • Hi Tiffany,

    I'm glad you were able to assess what happened fully. In the future, if you want to avoid emails being sent to avoid  confusion, you can turn off email sending temporarily by going to General Settings > Email Settings > and unchecking Enable Email Sending. Just remember to turn it back on when you want emails to start sending again!

    I hope this helps,

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