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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Questions about customization of Cases

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  • We are looking at using Cases for collecting and working complaints. We would need some additional fields/questions added when someone enters a case. Is there a way to do this? Also, is there a way to export all cases (either in the space>cases or from the control panel) for reporting outside of Communifire?

  • Hi Bryna,

    At the moment there is not a way to export cases from Communifire. You could extract them from your Database, but there is not a built in export in the Communifire interface.

    As for additional fields, can you elaborate on what you are looking to add?


  • Looking to add fields like Customer name, date of complaint, location where received, account number, etc. Some would be text entry, some would be choose from set options. 

  • On the reporting/exporting part, I've got a crazy idea. Would there be any way to add the Content List widget to an Article? I tried doing this in Page Builder to a page, thinking that I could pull the cases into a page and then they could print/export that, but the Pages don't print/export well. If I could pull the cases into an article through the Content List widget, that would likely satisfy what I'm looking for because it would be in a format that could be printed.

  • Answered

    Hi Bryna,

    You can customize the Case Status and Priority by going to Manage Space > Cases. You can change some of these selections to better fit your needs with the case. 

    As for adding information, the best solution would be to use our Rich Editor Templates Guide in order to create a template that the users can add and fill out when reporting a case. 

    At the moment you cannot pull a content list widget into an Article in order for it to be exported. I would suggest posting to our Suggestions and Feedback forum with the suggestion that cases be exportable en-mass to be able to better track them outside of Communifire.


  • Thanks for the info

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