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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Seperate google drive directory for each space.

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  • Hi, 

    I was able to map a Google Drive following the steps of external drive integration administrator setup  and map it to a space. This would show the complete drive in each space. 

    I was wondering if it is possible to map separate dedicated directories from under a drive to a individual spaces. i.e. a dedicated directory on Google Drive for each space. 




  • raghav_khunger

    Hi Bharat,

    We are looking into this.


  • Hi Raghav, 

    Thanks for looking into this.

    Also, please let me know how to make a directory, once mapped to a space, editable visible to all members of the space. 



  • Hi Bharat,

    It isn't possible to map specific Google Drive folders to specific spaces. We hope to add this functionality in a future version of Communifire.

    Once you complete the admin setup, go to Manage Space > External Drives and add Google Drive to the space. Refer to Manage Space: Add External Drive .

    Each user will then need to connect their Google account in the Files section, as shown in the Google Drive Integration User Setup guide.


  • Hi Grace, 

    On 9/21/2020 10:56 AM, Grace Kamau said:

    It isn't possible to map specific Google Drive folders to specific spaces

    Thanks for looking into this. If specific folders are cannot be mapped to specific spaces, is it possible to share a directory with the group once I have mapped my drive to a space.



  • Answered

    Hi Bharat,

    The Google Drive integration will sync your personal folders and files. It isn't possible to share these with other users in Communifire. When other users connect their Google account, they will see their own Drive folders and files.

    An alternative is to display a Google Drive folder on a Page Builder page. Anyone who has permission to access the folder will be able to see the folder on the Page Builder page. Take a look at the Google Drive page to learn how to embed a Google Drive folder on a Page Builder page. Let us know if you need any help doing this.


  • On 9/21/2020 04:31 PM, Grace Kamau said:

    embed a Google Drive folder on a Page Builder page

    Hi Grace, I was able able to embed a Google drive folder using a page builder. This folder has other folders. When I try to try to open them, it opens Google drive in a separate tab. I was wondering if it is possible to open this as it does in an "connected external drive under files"  and that the files can be opened internally on communifire instead of going off to google drive. 

    Also, I want to allow access to the drive to all members of a particular space but not others. It is difficult to keep updating the list of users as they keep joining the space. Is there an elegant way that all users of a particular space gets access to the drive folder mapped to that space ?

    What is the file size limit we can upload in the files section and if we add videos does it open embedded on the page. 

    The video's section has a file size limit of 0.1 GB. Can we increase that ? in one particular space we are expecting file sizes to exceed a few hundred MBs. 



  • Hi Bharat,

    1. There doesn't seem to be a way to make the embedded Google Drive folder open folders in the embedded element instead of opening a new tab.
    2. If the users are members of the space and they can access the Files section, they should already be able to access the Drive folder in the space. They just need to connect their Google account. This is a required step. If you are seeing a different behavior, let us know what happens and which space this is for.
    3. There is no file size limit for Files by default. You can change this in Control Panel > System > General Settings > Advanced Settings > "Maximum file upload size (MB)"
      Yes, videos added in the Files section can be played in the Files section. Click the file name to open the file and you'll see the video player.
    4. To increase the video file size limit, go to Control Panel > Content > Videos > Video Settings and update the "Maximum file size (kb)" setting. This will increase the video file size limit for all spaces.


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