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Page Builder/ Space Content Support

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  • User error...need help!

    This space has been in existence:


    I cloned another space with the intent of making it a subspace of the above because the layout seemed the most functional. I renamed it, set it up how I wanted it, and now it has "taken over" the original space with the same name and I am unable to change it. 



    Not sure where my logic is failing, but I could use a walkthrough.

  • Hi Jennifer,

    Not to worry, this is an easy fix! It looks like you created a new pagebuilder page as well. When you did this, you set the new pagebuilder page to be the homepage of the people services space.

    To fix this, you can set Assigned Space to your new Hiring Process space, then remove the Page URL to just have a single forward slash ( / ). 

    Once you have done this, you should have your original People Services space back to normal.


  • Got it! One more semi related question. When setting up the "people" widget for these pages, I am getting everyone who is a part of the space listed. I have created a workaround by limting the number of people and date joined as the filters, but am wondering if there is a hierarchy I could use instead...so that the head of a department/space appears on top rather than me as the admin and first to join (I have created them all so far). 

  • Hi Jennifer,

    For people widgets, you change the widget type to Top People List so that you can sort your users by the number of points they have. Typically your more active leaders of the community will appear highest on this list.

    Another option is to choose the Single Person Widget type, which will allow you to highlight an individual user. A few of these widgets can easily help you show the top leaders of each space.

    I hope this helps,

  • Okay...so no way for it to be the org chart version of a department?

  • Hi Jennifer,

    You cannot sort a people widget by org chart or manager. I think that a few single user widgets may be the best way to achieve your goals in this case.


  • Thanks:)


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