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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Outlook calendar sync

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  • An admin was playing around with the outlook calendar sync abilities an by mistake connected his personal outlook calendar to our sites main calendar.  We can't seem to find a way to unwind this and disconnect.  How can this be done?

  • Hi Gabriel,

    Is your main calendar that you use in a specific space?


  • No I find it from the drop down next to my name.  Examples below.  

  • Hi Gabriel,

    Check out our Outlook Sync User Setup documentation. It has the below on how to disconnect a user. Have your admin follow these steps. 

    Disconnect Outlook from My Calendar


    Let me know if they have any issues with this.


  • Thanks we followed these steps but the content on the calendar is still populated.  I even had the admin go into Azure and delete the setup he had create there.

    One item that did occur is the admin deleted his One Spot account in effort to remove the connection as visibility to calendar was made to all members and notifications where being received in the field.

    How can we remove the existing content from the calendar?

  • So what have discovered is that once he deleted everything I'm still seeing joint appointments that we shared reflecting on the calendar.  

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