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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Isolated Member vs Partner

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  • Hi, I'm having some trouble delineating an isolated member from a partner? What is the difference? I also no longer see guest as a user setting. 

    Currently I want to include a person in a space only but they now have access to our overall main page.

  • Answered

    Hi Jarret,

    The partner role is a custom role that was created by a System Admin from your site. You can see the exact permissions of the partner role by going to Control Panel > System > System Permissions. 

    The isolated member role is currently not recommended to be used, as it is being deprecated. I believe that Nathaniel and Rebecca discussed some alternatives to the isolated member role, including making all spaces private, and only adding partners to the exact spaces that you would like them to see. They will still see your homepage, however they will not see content from any space that they are not a part of.

    I hope this helps,

  • Hi Foster, I'm continuing to experiment with the Partner role and have a dummy account set up to test access. Currently, in this dummy account, I can see everything on the home page and also search around and look at assets like our consultant database. Is there a setting on these other pages I need to turn on? 

    It would be great to, as you mentioned above, limit partners to only the spaces they've been invited to. 

  • Hi Jarret,

    In order to hide things on the homepage from a specific role, you can switch the homepage widgets in pagebuilder to only display to certain roles.

    You can do this by clicking the gear icon on a pagebuilder widget, then clicking the Roles tab. Currently they are set to unrestricted. You can select all roles except for partner, and the widget will be hidden from the partner role users.

    As for assets like the consultant database, can you specify where this is located, and what type of content/page it is?



  • thanks Foster; the database is an article.

  • Hi Jarret,

    I noticed that the space that hosts the article, has Shoeless Joe as a member.

    Since the space is public, Joe is able to see the space (since all users in the intranet can). You can either allow Joe to be in the space, but create a space role that limits viewing (this is doable via the Permissions on the lefthand side), or you can kick Joe out of the space, and make it so that the spaces "Guest" role cannot view anything. 

    If you were to go with the second option, you would most likely need to turn on moderation for the space (space settings on the left hand side of the screenshot), making it so that Joe cannot join the space without being approved. 

    I hope this helps,


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