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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Linking inside a CMS Page

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  • anna

    Is there a way to link content in the same CMS page? I want to link my table of contents to the places where they can be found further down the page to prevent hours of scrolling. 


  • BryceDJ

    I would create what's called an anchor the <a> tag in HTML to create the jump point and then create a link normally otherwise to it.

    You'll need to use Tools > source code and put the anchor in using HTML though. 

    There are plenty of resources online for this, it is pretty basic HTML funtionality.

  • anna

    Thanks Bryce, 

    I have a follow up question for you.

    When the anchors were created, they automatically jump to the middle of the page instead of the heading where it is supposed to go. I think this has to do with a spacing issue. Is there a way to avoid this? Is there also a way to edit the font size (other than the heading option) for a document? My table has become extremely spaced out and I can't adjust any of the columns separately. 

  • BryceDJ
    Perhaps it would be simpler just to place the anchor where it works instead of trying to rig something up to get it to jump somewhere differently that it is pointing to
  • anna


    Is there any way to edit the font size / type as well as is there a way to change the size of just one column in a table without making the whole table bigger? 

  • BryceDJ

    Sure... just add inline styling into the elements using Tools > Source code. 

  • BryceDJ

    Depending on your needs, you may also find Formats > Headings useful.

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