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Posted in: Features and Functionality

How do I create a URL to create a new custom tab?

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  • I want to create a tab labeled "Job Descriptions" When it asks me for a URL what do I include? Where do I develop or create the URL and store the job descriptions? I've attached an example.

    I wanted to create it like a Wiki - So folks can search in a library but I also need to create a professional development area within a wiki so I'm not sure what to do?

    Please help :)

  • Answered

    Hi Christina,

    The name of a pagebuilder tab is determined by what you set in the Meta Title while editing a pagebuilder page. 

    Here you can enter "Job Descriptions" and it will show up as the tab title when a user navigates to that page.


  • That worked perfectly, thank you!

  • Foster, how do I add the menu options to this page - I want to utilize a wiki to include a job description library. I would also like to embed and add a form. How would I go about doing this?

  • Hi Christina,

    If you have a space selected, you can check off the Include Space photo and Navigation box to add the menu options.

    As for forms, we have several ways of adding these. You can use an IFrame Widget to directly add a page to your communifire site, or you can use JotForm to add forms to your site.

    I hope this helps,

  • I tried the early on and again now that you ask me to try this and this happens:


  • Hi Christina,

    Selecting an assigned space will change the Page Absolute URL. If you had the space assigned as top level before, the space will have changed URL's from yourWebsite.com/professionaldevelopment to yourWebsite.com/spaces/2/ect/ect/professionaldevelopment. You should be able to click the "Go To Page" button on the top right and still see your page.

    If you are still having trouble, please let me know.


  • okay I copied and pasted the correct URL in the tab and it seem to work. Now I can click Professional Development and it takes me to a new page just the way I envisioned


    However, now how do I upload information and chose the correct space ?

    Example I'd like to add a Wiki - the job description library, I still see the wiki used on the HR main space...I need a completely blank working space with menu options like - Activity Stream, Files, Articles,Wiki, Photos, Cases and Videos only.

  • Hi Foster - Any luck?

  • Hi Christina,

    If you need a new space to put your job description library wiki in you could create a new space by clicking the Create link in the navigation bar. Create a Space 

    If you want to create a sub-space, maybe in your Human Resources space, then you can click on the Create Sub-Space button underneath the custom tab you created. Create Sub Space 

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