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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Delete a tab like People (not custom created) in menu

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  • I'm trying to find help with deleting a tab like the "People" on my individual Space pages. I had somehow edited them down before and removed items like "Blogs" or "Articles". Is it also possible to take off "People"?

    The reason for this is that we are hoping to achieve an accurate team directory for only the people in each department, not necessarily all those who have joined the Space. We have a separate link on each space that directs users to the Team Directory.

    See example link: EHS Directory. 

    Ideally, we'd just want "People to do the same thing, but I don't know if we'd have to set up something custom for each page or if we can even alter the "People" tab or not.


    Directory (filtered by Dept. type)

    This was the only documentation I was able to find around editing a tab but it's for "custom" tabs only: https://my.axerosolutions.com/spaces/5/communifire-documentation/wiki/view/21537/edit-custom-tab

  • Answered

    Hi Kris,

    One solution would be to hide that people tab with CSS overrides, then create a custom tab named People to replace it with the exact link that you want. 

    Does this sound like a good solution to you?


  • So this might be a good fix. I'd only be able to have the "new" tab link at the bottom of the menu, right? So I wouldn't be able to recode the original "People" tab?


  • Hi Kris,

    Another option is to redirect the space People page to your desired page. You can  in Control Panel > System > URL Mapper . When the mapping is setup, the original People tab will appear in the space menu, and when you click it, your desired page will open instead of the default space People page.


  • What is the CSS syntax to remove the People tab from a space?

  • Hi Sharon,

    Use the code below, replacing x-custom-space-human-resources with your specific space's class name. Take a look at the CSS for Spaces section on the CSS Overrides page to learn how to get the space class name.

    .x-custom-space-human-resources .ax-space-menu-people { display: none; }


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