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Posted in: Features and Functionality

disabling email invitation replies for calendar events

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  • Hello - I was wondering how I can disable email notifications when associates using the platform are accepting/rejecting calendar events.


    thank you


  • Answered

    Hi Brooke,

    You can disable emails in Control Panel > System > Email Templates . Take a look at Disable or Enable Email Template . The following email templates are for event invitation replies:

    • Communifire.Event.InvitationReply.Notification
    • Communifire.Event.InvitationReplyExternal.Notification


  • awesome! this is so helpful. What is the template for email updates to an article as I have just been informed everyone on the team is getting an "update email" when I am editing the article itself.

  • Hi Brooke,

    The email template that lets users know that content they are following has been updated is Communifire.Follow.EntityUpdated.Notification.

    However, keep in mind this is for more types of content than just Articles. 


  • Did you make it inactive or has it been this whole time? on my end I see:

  • It looks like people are still getting them:

  • Hi Brooke,

    This is a Required Reading alert which is sent when any content is marked as required to read by all users.  

    If you would like to stop required reading alerts as well, you can disable the Communifire.ReadRequired.Notification email template. Note that this will stop all required reading emails, not just for articles.


  • ahh - got it.

    Is there a way to only get the first notification? Reason I am asking is we go in a lot and change minor tweaks that people don't necessarily need to be notified of! Thank you

  • Just circling back in the above is possible or if the only way to do that is to make sure the "required Reading" is marked? Thank you!!

  • Hi Brooke,

    You cannot choose to only get a single required reading notification. There will be a new email every time the required reading is edited. 

    We are however looking to improve this function so that less emails are sent when required reading content is edited. I do not currently have a timeframe for this improvement, however it is being worked on.


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