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Posted in: Features and Functionality

Can I disable notifications on a space?

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  • mharding

    I need to move content urls from rich text over to photos in a space. The content is not new though so I don't want it to show everything as a new notification. Is there a way for me to disable that?

  • Foster

    Hi Meghan,

    Can you give some more detail on what exactly you are trying to change?

    If you want to change the hosted location of a photo, you can use a private space to upload the photos into an album. This way, nobody will receive any notifications and the photos will not be visible.


  • mharding

    I had previously worked with you on our space "Sudo TV" and there are too many URLS in rich text, so you suggested that I move them over to a photo album, but if I do that I don't want everyone to see 20+ new notifications for old content.

  • Foster

    Hi Meghan,

    A private space can absolutely work for this purpose! I recommend that you create a private space named Media Assets. You can use this space as a hosting location for any media that you would like to have embedded in your pages.

    When you replace the Rich Text Widgets, you can change them to a RawHTML widget and place the following inside. 

    <img src="URLtoPhotoHere"/> 

    This will pull the image from the private space and display it in the pagebuilder page that you are building. This will also lead to faster load times and a more streamlined experience for your end users.


  • mharding

    Hi Foster,

    I created the private space "Media Assets" and am uploading the images and now I have another question. They way that the rich text images are set up right now is that you click the picture it takes you directly to the video through a link. I can't find a way to do this with images through a photo album. If I just paste the link in the description it adds another step in that we really don't want to have. Is their a solution to this?

  • mharding

    I've also noticed that I can't add a direct link into the photo caption either so they would have to copy and paste a long link into their URL to be able to watch the video. The whole feel we are going for is more of a Netflix type thing where the page just hosts several episodes of a show that they can click on.

  • Foster

    Hi Meghan,

    The best way to accomplish this would be to have each image as a Raw HTML Widget .

    You can have the photo be a direct link to whatever you would like, by entering the following:

    <a href="https://URL-to-your-video-here">
    <img src="https://URL-to-your-MediaAssets-Photo" width="100" height="100">

    This will give you an image, that when you click, will bring you directly to your first link. You can play around with the height and width to make sure it fits just the way you like it. 

    Make sure when adding the link to your photo, you right click on the photo, and select View Image or Open Image in New Tab. This will allow you to copy the direct link to the image, not the link to the album.

    Let me know if you have any more questions,

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